Our Mission

Established in 1998, members of the Olympic Village Exodus Community strive to:

Our logo depicts people of various ages and states on a journey like the people of old escaping Egypt during the time of Pharaoh.

Pharaoh summoned Moses and said, ‘Leave my people at once, you and the Israelites with you!’ The Lord preceded them, in the daytime by means of a column of cloud to show them the way, and at night by means of a column of fire to give them light. Exodus 12/13

The Exodus Community members and its volunteers adopt an attitude of walking with members of the Olympic Village neighbourhood as together they journey through the struggles and joys of life.

The Olympic Village Exodus Community has been active since 1998, in the (1956) Olympic Village, Heidelberg West.

The Community works in the catholic parish of St Pius X, West Heidelberg.

Exodus Community acknowledges all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people as the First people of this land.

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